"Welcome to our stand!"

In time, according to plan, finished and within budget – our praised project management ensures that the exhibition stand fulfils our customer's needs. If customer wants, we realize exhibition stands a turnkey project. This enables us to ensure quality finish. We have a long experience from exhibition construction and different surroundings.

As we realize hundreds exhibition stands in Finland, Europe and rest of the world, sometimes surprises can be expected. In case of a surprise we dare say that an exhibition constructor's blood is measured as an ability to withstand last minute changes and as a skill to solve all last minute surprises.

We realize:

  • Own stand / joint stand, domestic or abroad
  • Constructs and furnishing ‒ also customized
  • Lighting and AV-equipment
  • Prints, fabrics and decoration
  • Set up and dismantling
  • Logistics, storage and on-site duty
  • Possibilities to other events and exhibitions
  • Exhibition contracting

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