Clean start with customer's goals in mind

Even though the common goal to all events is profitable interaction, each event has unique characteristics. This is why we will have a clean start with customer's goals in mind. We refer to earlier events and sophisticate our earlier experiences – we know what can be realized and what not.

Our design service: it starts from an idea

What is customer's goal - how can it be concretized at an exhibition to a stand that differentiates, is inviting and activating? A well designed, planned and realized exhibition stand can get customers interested at a brand and products. A stand impacts, entertains, touches and invites laughter – creates the added value one aims for at an exhibition.

We take into account at design phase:

  • Event characteristics
  • The stand at an event or an exhibition; size, form, location, access, entrances, height limitations, construction rules, location of competitors
  • Exhibition guidance to customer, branding, graphical guidance.

We design:

  • Exhibition stands
  • Offices / Product displays / Interiors
  • Graphics / Prints
  • Exhibition manuals

An event leaves a foot print

A great event involves the quests – at best the relationship between the hosts and quests reaches new dimensions. The more trust and stability the relationship between the two parties has, the better the chances for profitable customer relationship. A memorable event requires an interesting and realizable idea – we will help you achieve this!

Our services at events:

  • Event mapping, stand area reservations
  • Internationalization grants (ELY)
  • Exhibition coaching
  • Event clothing and give aways
  • Exhibition sites (internet) and lead management
  • Photography
  • Event coordination / Meeting arrangements
  • Demonstrators / Catering

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